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Coffee Tables

When it comes to your living room, coffee tables are often a focal point. They are handy for your cup of coffee and make a great space for nibbles on an evening get together. They aren't adverse to propping up the odd pair of feet either while you're watching television and if you include some family board games you can see just how much use they actually get!

Home Furniture Range has a truly staggering range of pieces for you to choose from. If you want lofty sophistication then take a look at the Skovby SM206 Coffee Table. It's a gorgeous modern design with a hint of the retro. For those who are looking for something cosily chunky, then the Revolution Revolution Wood Crafted Coffee Table by Besp-Oak has it in abundance, while keeping the contemporary edge. If you want traditional design flair with a high focus on the practical, then we recommend you take a look at the Lalona Solid Oak Open Coffee Table. It's perfect for the home where reading books is often on the agenda!

And for those who are looking for that little bit more, check out the range of tables with storage drawers. Again, a handy way to make the most of your living room furniture.

Tie your living room space together and create your very own focal point with our range of coffee tables. You'll be so glad you did!