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About Home Furniture Range

Home Furniture Range are a business based in the heart of England. As a company we take great pride in our product portfolio and are passionate about sourcing some of the markets most unique and exciting products. 

We ensure that all of our products are constructed using materials of the highest quality, and we only stock products which are handmade from quality and durable hardwood. None of our furniture is ‘Flat Pack’ as we believe that flat pack furniture has a weaker structure and therefore is not built to last. Almost all of our furniture (check additional information for each product) will arrive fully assembled.

By ensuring our products are handmade from a range of specially selected quality hardwoods, you can trust that your furniture will be a sound investment and will remain in your home for decades to come, as charming as the day you first received it.

To all of you, from all of us at Home Furniture Range - Thank you and happy shopping!